209th comic - No Blindwrite news



Heya everybody,

already comic number 209… that reminds me that it’s time to finish this stuff soon but as long as I still got a few comics and the feedback still comes strong, I will still post some new work. :iagree: :slight_smile: Today we got Jon and Garfield with no Blindwrite news… let’s see what will happen…

… I’ve got some other news… the big nasty (silly) dog will be striking Garfield again tomorrow… poor Garfield… you’ll soon know what will happen! :iagree:



HeHeHe!!! Good work Alex! :iagree:

Can’t wait for the return of the dog.


good comic and great to hear that you won’t stop immediately


We need a new Jon!!


Nice comic and don’t you dare thinking about stopping with the comics.


New Jon.

Version 2 includes,
Has Personality
Has control over cats
Has a working BlindWrite version - maybe



LOL :bigsmile:

sigh If only life was like movies… :smiley: