208th comic - Mrs. Feeny's BIG revenge... The return of the nasty (silly) dog!



Heya everybody,

it’s Friday again and I’m proud today to announce the return of the nasty (silly) dog… in the last comic we’ve seen a “TREE DOG”… well what will happen today?.. only the dog and Garfield know that for sure… :iagree: :wink: - This time Mrs. Feeny’s revenge sure is very hard for Garfield… will he strike back? Will the neighbour house of the hotline explode? Only Garfield knows for sure… for now! :wink:

Enjoy this:

A nice weekend to everybody!



LOL!!! Great one Alex! :iagree:


Thanks DJMind… :wink:

You just succeeded in becoming one of the fastest feedback posters of all times… you have posted as fast as Namoh and H3rb3i … so we have three people now with such a fast record!

…stay tuned for more comics next week!




Really good comics in these days! :stuck_out_tongue:



Nothing more tot say :iagree:


I am honored. :bow:


Rotfl :slight_smile:


I like this dog! :bigsmile:

Great comic. :iagree: :iagree:


Tree Dog
Bungee God

Whats next,

Slim Cat???

Never I am guessing. :slight_smile:


Lol :bigsmile:

Great!! Keep 'em coming, Rylex!