203N can't Quality scan?

I edited the 2 entrys in my registry.

When the Disc Quality tab is selected I can’t hit start?

I have the newest version of cd-dvd speed

Check out the Samsung Mini-FAQ

dam im good, i figuered it out by myself. Others have been having the same problem I have, someone said it had something to do with admin…but that was NOT the case with me.

here was my fix, in the registry

Many-many thanks for the suggestion, this did solved my scaning problem too (before this I was also not able to do scaning although I have made the registry hack but with no result!)

Hi,[QUOTE=hellbringer;1935673]here was my fix, in the registry[/QUOTE]What’s that? :eek:
I don’t have those entries (“Disable Disc Quality Test” and “Disable Bitsetting”) in my registry :confused:

Great find :slight_smile:


my Samsung SH-S182D can’t scan with Nero CD Speed. My Samsung is on an extern Case from Sharkoon and connected to my laptop over usb
In registry I deleted the blocked samsung and thss with the reg tool I’ve downloaded here in Forum but I can not scan dvd

my system is
Windows XP SP3
Samsung SH-S182D Firmware B07
its in a sharkoon case extern

Ive read that tutorial http://club.cdfreaks.com/f105/mini-faq-samsung-dvd-writers-220607/#post1803665

but its not working