2016IM producing terrible burns on MCC004

Hello, my Emprex DVDRW 2016IM, firmware B02T, using Nero 6.6.1 writing at 8x, produces absolutely craptastic burns on MCC004 verbatims. The discs will probably turn into coasters soon… The scans are done on another machine with an external Memorex drive that has been very good to me. The pattern is always the same: a mountain of PIEs and PIFs at the beginning, then lowering down to decent error rates towards the middle, with a large spike/hill later occasionally on some burns.

I’ve attached 4 scans of 2 dvds:
d1_8x_read.GIF = disc 1 scanned at 8x
d1_16x_read.GIF = disc 1 scanned at 16x
d2_8x_read.GIF = disc 2 scanned at 8x
d2_16x_read.GIF = disc 2 scanned at 16x

… if no one else has had any issue with theirs, the only explanation I can think of is that I bought this emprex along with other older models a while back and they have been sitting on a shelf for some time, although lightly wrapped in their original plastic bag. Perhaps it’s dust?

(EDIT: updated scans)

Did you try with a different banch of MCC004?Some times their quality is below zero…You should try burning this particular banch with another DVD burner just to be sure that it has to do with the media or it has to do with the optical device.Scanning with a Lite-on,Benq or plextor could be more informative also but from your scans i suspect that it wont make a big difference!