2014 new years resolutions

How about your new year resolutions,I’m going to lose 20 lbs or more I hope. Since this parkinson I’ve sat on my butt to much ,to long.I’m a snacker and with 14 pills a day I try to eat something with the pills and this has to change.So that’s my New year resolution is to figure how to lose 20 lbs.

What’s Yours…

My New Year’s resolution is… to keep not making New Year’s resolutions! :bigsmile:

kept my resolution it was not to make another resolution:doh:

Same as Drage and Myke here. :iagree:

TBH I never saw the point in making resolutions you couldn’t stick to and if you were going to stick to them anyway, what was the point in making a resolution? :slight_smile:


Mine? Hmm, let’s see.

Ah yes…

It’s 1600x900 and 1140x900 at this moment :slight_smile:

Terms like resolution can be as fuzzy as those out of Deleuze to translate into Korean. As with each NAND and OLED fabrication process iteration, more and faster often translate into less and lower in accuracy and quality.

My 2014 resolution’s not to reach age 40. I was born sometime in early 1974, a little before its New Year’s Day (late January for this year), so it’s highly likely I’ll fail.