2012 Logo

What do you guys think of the 2012 logo ?? for those who haven’t seen it here it is


I think its rubbish, can’t believe it cost £400,000.

I think my 8 year old daughter could have come up with something like that for free. :slight_smile:

I’m sure she could do much better than that! :iagree:

Hahaha :slight_smile:

I think it’s horrid :iagree:

Voting so far. :doh:

I think they’re being overly polite! :wink:

P.S. I think this is offensive to wooden spoons! I like wooden spoons for cooking! :doh:

Yes that design is truely crap. You always know it’s going to be piss-poor when the supporting statements include “brand”, ‘vision’ and and ‘iconic’ before it has even left the table.

This is my favourite of the submitted alternatives:

Thats not the only fine example of “Total destruction of logos”,heres another fine example of “Peeing in the snow and get filthy rich when selling it as a logo”

My fav.

Pros - Clean, Simple, Olympic Logo, Name Of City, No stupid words like vision, brand, iconic associated with it. Didn’t cost £400,000.


cant believe that cost 400k give me the 400 k i could have done u that :iagree:

It reminded me of a cheap-ass puzzle game i played when i was 5 years old: