2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa



So, how’s the World Cup Football fever at your country? Any strange items specialy made for the World Cup?

So far, we have the Oranje Toeoeoeter :confused: by our local mailman;

And Bavaria has the DutchDress :iagree:


We have some new TV spots, and some new sponsors for our WC team, but I’m expecting that fever will really start in 2 weeks.


Germany seems to be in a panic now…at least according to the press…

Michael Ballack, the captain, was injured last weekend in a game for Chelsea, and the docs decided today that he is out. He was Gemany´s captain…oooooh shit etc. :rolleyes:

My personal feeling, but with that twerp out of the way Germany might finally have a chance! [B]HA! Go Deutschland! [/B] :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=BussyB;2517197] [B]So, how’s the World Cup Football fever at your country?[/B] :iagree:[/QUOTE]

[B][COLOR=black]Sou[/COLOR]th Africa[/B] [I]has gone Mad (realy )[/I]

[B]the Latest Craze now is the diski dance[/B]


Di in the Rainbow Nation :flower:


Merchandising Ripping us off again :Z


[I]no wonder people pirate stuff[/I]


The fever has started here, at least at the companies:

Some examples:



Even though Scotland won’t be there, basically because we’re pretty rubbish at the football at the moment, I intend to at least watch some games from the World cup.
I think Brazil, Argentina or Spain will win it. :slight_smile:
I’ll be watching those teams, and England.
I’ll also be watching the Netherlands, as i like the type of football they play.


Update on Germany: There still seems to be a bit of chaos and panic here. More injured key players and some new blood coming in at the last minute.

The media here is getting some milage out of it, and poking fun at the mess. Example headline from today when the newest version of new captain and the newest goalkeeper were announced
[B]“Lahm Kapitän und Neuer Torwort!”[/B]

This is a word play in German: The new captain´s name is Lahm, but the word means “cripple”, and Neuer is the name of the new goalkeeper and really means “new”, so you can read the headline as [B]“Crippled Captain and New Goalkeeper”[/B]

Problem number 173 is, Kuranyi…who was kicked off the team a couple of years ago for deciding to go home after being told he was not selected for some minor game. The real story is the trainer just doesn´t like him…and says we have enough good players so we don´t need him. Problem is, Kuranyi is probably the BEST striker in Germany at the moment, and they DO need him. They may have to suck it up and put him in at the last minute :bigsmile: I hope they have to beg him to join, and he tells them where they can put their willies! Hehe!!!

That´s where we are at over here…and I still think Germany has a chance. Am I the only one?


Well I may be a little biased, but did anyone notice New Zealand pulled off a surprise win over Serbia in a warm-up match last night… 1 - 0

To put that into perspective, NZ is ranked 78 and Serbia 15

Bet it made my Mum smile…hehe


That´s where we are at over here…and I still think Germany has a chance. Am I the only one?[/QUOTE]


This reminds me of a famous quote used in allmost every Dutch trivia game:

[B]“Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win ”[/B]

Gary Lineker


As expected from the United States, it seems only Sportscenter actually cares about the event. Haven’t heard any people out in the street who seem to care … but I’ll be watching. There are a few big bars in San Francisco that have become official gathering spots for soccer fans, but few other sports fans care. (The NBA Finals are about to start, and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals have been absolutely wonderful.)

I’ll watch the World Cup…


That’s funny, I’m into baseball, but nobody here in Holland gives a damn about it - not in the newspapers anyway :frowning:


Speaking of World Cup, it seems U.S.-born Giuseppe Rossi will not be able to play for the Italian national team. He would have obviously easily made it on the U.S. team, and would have made the team better, but couldn’t make it for Italy. He’ll have another crack at the next World Cup (assuming he stays healthy), and it seems a leading decision is related to the fact that he plays in Spain. :o



Nice printable schedule here


just Heard on my Radio
Cant find a link Yet to internet

[B]10 Argantinians [/B] have been arested at ORTambo airport
going to insite Football Hooligazem ( going to be deported ) Came on a Flight from Nigeria …one is out on Baile 4 murder :eek:

Mayebe there is a lot more that have Arrived and Dident get Caught :sad:

3 DAYS to go :clap:[/B]


[QUOTE=diane7;2518721][B][COLOR=black]Sou[/COLOR]th Africa[/B] [I]has gone Mad (realy ) [B]including me[/B] :p[/I]

Di in the Rainbow Nation :flower:[/QUOTE]

[B]Di has Bought her[/B] [B]Vuvuzela [FONT=Georgia]just to irritate Son’s :bigsmile:[/FONT][/B]


[B]13 hours to go :flower:[/B]


Just Wanto say [B]WELL DONE [/B]

ranked 83 third inthe world drew with Mexico ranked 17 th


[B]opening World Cup Match[/B]

next match today Uruguay vs France :flower:


Any idea when Italian team will be eliminated? :bigsmile:

/me hates football :stuck_out_tongue:


/me hates the unbelievable and constant noise made by all those horns and seriously considers not watching any more matches because of it! :doh:


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2524911]/me hates the unbelievable and constant noise made by all those horns and seriously considers not watching any more matches because of it! :doh:[/QUOTE]

/me hates also all the useless blah blah blah… done by speakers :Z :doh: