! 200th comic - Garfield on the farm... - BIG DAILY NEWS!



Heya everybody,

the time has come and I’m very proud today to announce the big, big, great comic number 200. I’m really happy, that during the last time I had lots of people giving good feedback and so… today is the day… it is indeed the big comic number 200 and that’s why I decided to do something special again. :iagree: But before you read teh comic I want to say thank you again to everybody who gives feedback on the comics. I will promise you there are still some great comics left until my retirement.

But that’s not today’s topic. WE ARE NOT ALONE!! … that’s the topic of today’s comic… but I don’t want to tell you everything before you read it…
…so get ready for one of the best comics of all times!

This story is not over yet…

…to be continued…



hehehe, reminds me of a great Cowboy Bebop episode…nice one!


LOL :bigsmile:

YaaaaY, comic 200!! Congratulations Rylex!!! Thank you for all the laughs. :iagree: :iagree: :bow: :bow:


congrats rylex, and I have to say once more that this is a great comic (but you already know this ;))


W00t, w00t, w00t, no. 200!!!

Great comic Alex, just great.


Meat Loaf???

A loaf of meat???

Damn you Americans are strange. Great comic though. :slight_smile: