200gb Seagate Hard Drive-$70-After MIR


Got so excited - I double posted - sorry - my bad-

$50 for 160GB was a better deal.

Yo furballi-

Agree - that’s the one I got-


I hate rebates. A couple of weeks back I got the Maxtor 250GB for $100 no rebate. Thats what I like. :bigsmile: I think we are going to see a lot like this they have to make room for the SATA drives. :slight_smile:

I bought one of these a few months back - still fighting with Seagate and the company that does the rebate. Don’t do it! The one I got was from CompUSA. The drive is very nice though.


thanks for the tip.

Just to set the record staight - Seagate finally did honor their portion (the big part) of the rebate - I just got the check today - one month after it was cut? The CompUSA rebate center still wants the “original UPC code” - this will take some doing - LOL - but I shall press onward.

And repeating myself … This is a wonderful drive!


it is great to get your promised money when you have been doubting it.

I bought a 160G Maxtor on Black Friday for $40 after a $35 rebate, and 200G Maxtor for $60 after a $30 rebate on Presidents Day. Both were from Staples and got to use Easy Rebate. I had to talk to the local manager to get the $35 rebate that I cashed today. I am now looking for a 300G or another 200G if the price is right.

:iagree: Pretty sweet… except, I just got the 200GB staples HDD for $60… and if they were out, you got the 250GB for the same price…


let’s not creat envy by mentioning all these superlative deals in front of the less fortunate, especially the disgusting part about getting a 250GB drive for $60. :wink:

You have broken my heart! I could have used the 250G.