200gb Seagate Hard Drive-$70-After MIR


Just saw this at www.outpost.com-

200gb Seagate ATA100 Hard Drive with 5 year warranty in Retail Package for $69.99 after $50 Mail In Rebate-


Sounds like a good deal. But you better expect to wait a very long time to get you rebate check (if you get it). There was a big fiasco about this towards the latter part of last year.


was there a problem getting rebates back from these guys?

If you like waiting for about 4 months for your rebate (if you get your rebate), buy it from them. If not, run…run very far away.


I grieved for my rebates as soon as I mailed them.

And this is how I would feel when several months went by and no check received. :a

Yep, bought through a similar deal in August last year and deposited the check in February. It did come, though.