200GB SATA II/300 $49.99 free shipping at frys

says 3 year warranty too :slight_smile:


Fry’s does a poor job in the descriptions. The 8MB, for example. From Provantage.com:

Internal SATA II 200GB 7200RPM
Manufacturer Part Number: L01E200

Product Specifications

Product Name Internal SATA II 200GB 7200RPM
Storage Capacity 200GB
Data Transfer Rate 300MBps External Maximum Serial ATA - II
Form Factor 3.5" Internal
Interfaces/Ports 1 x 7-pin Serial ATA/300 Serial ATA
Rotational Speed 7200 rpm
Package Type Retail
Buffer 16MB

This is Maxtor, BTW.

Maxtor is owned by Seagate as Seagate low-end Division, and thus only 3 yrs Warranty VS 5 yrs in Seagate products, I never had a failure in the past under Maxtor brand, but I know it is not as reliable as WD and Seagate. But still, I’ll take it over Samsung anyday
Make sure you buy 2, RAID time at a very good price

I have shyed away from RAID for some reason. I have had great luck with Maxtors also.

I already have the Seagate 400 & 500GB SATA II drives was thinking of getting one of these for a boot drive instead of my PATA 133 60GB Maxtor. The mobo is only SATA I, so only a lil speed increase I guess.

I use raid for booting and non-raid for storaging and OCed @ very high clock speed w/o any problems

Now yah got me thinking :smiley: I do have 2 channels/4 SATA I ports on the mobo.

Done thinking, ordered 2 :smiley: It’ll free up the IDE for burners

@ghetocowboy - standby for some SATA RAID booting questions. Gonna wind up with 4 SATA drives in the new box :bigsmile:

That is a good deal I wonder if you can buy @ Fry’s store for the same price?.

I’ve seen it posted somewhere that the online prices are not good in the stores. It’s worth a shot to check though. In NJ there are no frys yet :frowning:

frys had the description right. My 2 drives came today. As the picture shows it, the drive is one of the Maxtor Basics series and has 8MB cache. The box from Maxtor has 2 stickers on the box that say 8MB. The drives are DiamondMax21 3.5 Series 7200.10.

Now I need the RAID 0 boot help for these things :smiley: Also any partition, swap file or any other good advice for using the RAID 0 setup for them.

@ghetocowboy and anybody else. TIA :slight_smile:

just use the raid bios to set up a stripe, that will give you ~150 gig drive to partition with the windows cd, just set about 30 gigs for system and rest for temporary data
and images and large game installs

everything on a stripe should be easily replaced since they are so delicate and fragile

In store deal ended on tuesday
Make sure you do slipstream the driver into XP disc before install windows because XP does not recognize the driver. Unless you have a floppy disc then you can load the driver on the floppy disc. I dont have a floppy disc so I have to slipstream my drivers.

DaChew - THANKS!! I’ll read up on the RAID stripe before I give it a go. 30GB partition shoould be way more tham enough for system and apps for me.

ghetocowboy - I never had a SATA drive for a boot drive so far and I just can’t seem to part with the floppy drive and never slipstreamed, so I’ll use the floppy. THANKS!!

That is more or less true I have faced this situation twice that I was denied to sell item at the price that advertised on their web site.

Went there and ordered 1 and it kept tacking on shipping. I finally ordered it anyway and called them to ask where free shipping went and they gave it to me free anyway. Now thats nice people. I did mean shipping not the drive. But it isn’t free anymore. Soon Soon

Wow that was nice of them! I thought maybe you didn’t check ground shipping but I checked the site just now and free shipping ain’t there any more.

So true. It’s nice to deal with nice people. Makes you want to shop there more. UHHM reckon that’s their plan? LOL

Without a free shipping then the deal is not so great to go for.

The 200 gig came today and I put it in a new build with the $99 400 gig from the other day. 600 gig–Ought to be enough for my phone numbers. LOL Now to wear out the warranty.

You can store 120 Viedo movie (5GB per movie) on your 600GB two drive or may be 120M phone numbers.