200gb hdd wont work, when i tried to reattach it

400w power supply
AMD 2,6 ghz
1gig ram
2 x 120gb(master) 200gb hdd(slave)
winxp sp2
nvidia gforce 4
lg dvd-rw gsa-4120B

The dvd-rw stopped my pc from booting up, so i unattached the 200gb hdd when trying to fix the problem
, boots then cuts off when i reattached it again…its acting the same as my dvd-rw…could it be my motherboard or the power supply…its worked fine before…

Check your Master/Slave settings on the hardware in Question, if this doesnt help, Start from the basic and only set 1 thing on at a time. If you can see that it´s the same ide controller, then that´s your problem. Make sure that the pins are not bent also on in the IDE cable. Go into your BIOS and set it to default settings.

Remember that DVD/CD drives can not be connected to SATA controllers. You didnt mention anything about your motherboard type.