200GB for a gateway



i just bought a benq 1620, installing it into my gateway comp, it’s 19gb but only has about 2gb left, im guessing im gonna have to upgrade the gb’s if i wanna burn dvd’s, so if anyone knows a good computer forum where i could find a compatible 200gb for my computer or is there someone who is good with this stuff on here? thanks


What is the make and model of your gateway PC? That will allow us to identify which type of hard drive it supports (i.e., IDE, serial ATA). After that, I don’t think it really matters which brand 200 GB hard disk you buy for your PC, but depending on the motherboard’s BIOS, you may need to update the BIOS in order for it to recognize a 200 GB hard disk.


Or you might just make some free space, appr. 7-8 Gbs. Seems hard, but possible.

Good luck.


i tried but its the family computer everyone has crap on here that they need, but anyway i finally figured out what i needed to know, but thanks to both of you for your responses! :iagree:


You could always get a 120 gig (lots more space than you have now) and you won’t have any issues with the 137gig barrier. You can get 120 gig drives pretty cheap these days. If you do get something larger and it doesn’t work with the controler on your motherboard, you can get an ide controler pretty cheap too.


yea the 200 i was lookin at wouldnt have worked so i just went with an 80, it will be plenty, thanks for the response!



The ripper is correct - again-

There are benefits to having a smaller drive other than the cost - it is much easier to defragment (which - btw - if you do any burning - keep that drive defragged regular!! - and best program for that is Diskeeper)

I personally like the Seagate drives - they are reasonable - come with 5 year warranty - and are hella quiet - and best vendor is www.newegg.com if you are in USofA-



ok ill check it out, thanks for the tip on defragmenting, can i download that diskeeper?


Yo ted1085-

Think you can get a trial version - “google” for it-