2009: Breakout year for BD-Live?

I just posted the article 2009: Breakout year for BD-Live?.

Some of you were surprised to hear that even though Sony’s Blu-ray format was the only high-definition format available in 2008, it still struggled as consumers elected to continue purchasing…

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You really need to stop referring to Blu ray as “Sony’s format” when Sony was only one of the 18 “inventors” / patent holders !

Why not refer to DVD as Sony’s DVD format since they were one of 10 inventors/developers of DVD ?

High definition content adoption in general is a slow process but an obvious next step from the obsolete analog and SD world.

BD Live ? Who cares. Its all about watching movies in the best HD quality available. Novelties like this are not going to make it a success, lower prices of players and movies are the only way it will happen.

i’m guessing becasue sony is at the top of those 18 others who invented it…sony was the one who went to wal-mart and they decided to get in together and axe hd-dvd…*this sounds familair…hmmm…betamax

it does look great…no doubts about that but i can see the ribbing sony gets from the techies and such…there the wal-mart of the electronic industry…seems everything sony gets onboard with they jump on top of any1 else to get there…poor hd-dvd :frowning:

I run a forum dedicated to the Omega Man film [www.theomegaman.info] and out of the 21 current registered friends and members, only myself and one other person actually owns a BluRay player. I have spent countless posts trying to convince the others how superior BD is over DVD to no avail. I know this is a small focus group, but still 2 out of 20 perhaps represents the fact that there are still many people that do not know the advantages of BD over DVD.

On to BD Live, I myself have a few discs with this feature that I have not even bothered with, why? Because of the fact that when I want to sit down after a long day at work, I want to watch the movie, not sit there and play games with it, chat live to others, download ring tones, etc, etc, etc. I think many people don’t really care about it, myself included to some extent.

I am currently not looking into Blu-ray until players become $50-$100 and Movies are between $10-$20. Until that happens, No Blu for Me.

I don’t think 2009 will be the breakout year for BD-Live, no matter how good the features get. Why? Because most people are still too lazy, too stupid or just don’t care about connecting their BD player to the internet. When BD players are cheap AND have wifi included within them, then more people will start using BD-Live.

I’m not interested in BD Live at all, the most obvious reason for watchinig full HD video content is, enjoying the movies itself, why even bother, I’d be happy if they didn’t add this extra to what is already is a large enought capacity.

BD live is a waste of time. They should remove that and add more special features content like deleted scenes or more production stuff.