2007 Verbatim DVD+R

Has anyone tried the new purple and blue packaging 2007 Verbatim DVD+R? From the look of the lettering on top of the cakebox, it seem to be made by CMC. I’m still using CMC made DVD+R made in 2004 and 2005 exclusively.

Here’s a little bit on those. I just bought some myself.


Still waiting to see them here… most I have read indicates the MCC 004s are good.

They are excellent chas0039, take a look here with my new Samsung 203B.

amazing 20x burn

Do you have any scans with a liteon or benQ of that disc with jitter?

I’d be interested to see if it’s much different. Usually 20x makes for high jitter. This drive may be very good though so you never know.

Help educate me here guys. Everything I read about jitter indicates that it is related to audio and not image quality. I know what the acceptable levels are but I have never experienced any problems or variations I can attribute to jitter levels. Why, exactly, should I be worried about it.

For example, there seems to be some correlation between the disc’s jitter levels and its degradation rate. Maybe that’s not just a jitter problem, but a burning strategy problem, but surely if you get high jitter discs of one type (MID) burned with one of your drives at a certain speed, that’s a sign of improper burning strategy and there is at least some chance of faster degradation of such discs over ones that were burned with another drive with better strategy for these disscs (and maybe lower jitter).

I don’t know very much about that, but something like that… has a place to be :frowning:
It’s a very interesting subject, BTW.

Jitter has mayor impact on playbility of dvd’s. It’s one of the sources causing PI,PIF,PO errors.
Jitter has a mayor influence on aging as well.*

*Now all I need is finding time for posting the possible explanation why jitter is so important. This is probably going to take some days(could be weeks)!. So for now just go with lower is better !

What is “mayor” ? :confused:

Did you mean : major ? :bigsmile:

Agreed with dhakaas, if you want to take PIE/PIF scanning seriously, you must also account for jitter, because it is just as important.

It’s an attempted measurement of the pits and lands of a DVD, the formation of the 1’s and 0’s. If jitter is high or bumpy, it’s harder for the DVD player to recognize whether it’s seeing a 1 or 0 and this could cause playback issues.

A liteon or benQ might not even show an increase in errors though since their ability to read the poorly formed 1’s and 0’s is far better than some standalones.

Thanks for the feedback. Doing a search for “jitter” is not nearly as helpful as what the experts here can contribute.

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