2007 State Piracy Report



The BSA released its 2007 State Piracy Report - a report many are claiming to be very misleading:

For example, the lost tax revenues to state and local governments – an estimated $1.7 billion – would have been enough to build 100 middle schools or 10,831 affordable housing units; hire 24,395 experienced police officers; or purchase 6,335 propane-powered transit buses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

source: http://www.piracyisacrime.org/BSA/a-detailed-explanation-of-how-the-bsa-misleads-with-piracy-stats.html

what do you guys think?? ,

you can see the report here as well: http://www.piracyisacrime.org/statestudy07.pdf (or somewhere on BSA’s website i assume?)


I think that the economy is not zero sum, the increase in productivity due to piracy might have paid for even more schools or police officers.