2007 Mechanical & Electrical Systems Test Bank



Hey guys,

I have some software here called “2007 Mechanical & Electrical Systems – Test Bank.”

The problem is, whenever I burn a copy using Nero, it looks as though it copies just fine, but when I go to run the copy, it pops up an error saying that I need the original CD in the drive.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I don’t know much about copy protection but it looks like i’ll be need some specific programs. I have a little bit of experience with DVD copying using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter so I can figure out my way I just need some direction.

I did a search on this program but the thread never got any replies.

Anyways, I’ll need some help asap.

Thanks guys.


I have since tried the following scanners:

A-Ray Scanner
ProtectionID v5.2c

Still, no success. Can anyone help?


I dont know why but it won’t let me edit my previous posts. There was a button for it but now it has disappeared.

In addition to using the aforementioned software to detect various protection measures, I have tried making images of the CD with 2 different programs. These programs were:

Roxio 9

I could use some expert help asap. Thanks in advance.


Welcome adriankeith,

without knowing the used protection it’s hard creating a backup. When you used protection id you scanned the installation folder? If not do it again and post your result here following this guide.


Hey kalas,

Thanks for the response and help regarding Protection ID Scanner. I had initially been scanning the CD itself and not the installation directory. I have since installed the program and here are my findings. Let me know if you need any further information. I’ll do what I can to provide you with anything. Thanks again

Here’s a photo of the directory:

[u]Scan Results:[/u]

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Dearborn\Mechanical and Electrical Systems\edapp.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 1093632 (010B000h) Bytes
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Check String -> CD in the drive

  • Scan Took : 0.906 Seconds

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Dearborn\Mechanical and Electrical Systems\edappassistant.dll
File Type : Dll, Size : 49152 (0C000h) Bytes
[!] File appears to have no protection or is using an unknown protection

  • Scan Took : 0.953 Seconds

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Dearborn\Mechanical and Electrical Systems\unicows.dll
File Type : Dll, Size : 245408 (03BEA0h) Bytes
-> File has 6816 (01AA0h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 03A400h

  • Scan Took : 0.938 Seconds

Here’s a screenshot of the other directory:

[u]And the scan results:[/u]

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Dearborn\Mechanical and Electrical Systems\data\client.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 69632 (011000h) Bytes
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Check String -> CD in the drive

  • Scan Took : 0.906 Seconds

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Dearborn\Mechanical and Electrical Systems\data\UploadComponent.dll
File Type : Dll, Size : 135168 (021000h) Bytes
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Check String -> cd_rom
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Key or Serial Check -> SerialNumber

  • Scan Took : 0.906 Seconds

It looks like it’s found something but it doesn’t know what. Or it doesn’t know anything.

Well, i’m stumped. Thanks in advance.


Still need help with this one.


Can anyone help?


Nero will not copy protected cd’s. You will need something like clonecd or alcohol 120.
However being a pressed disc the protection can be quite subtle and difficult to emulate with some software.



Since my last post I have tried CloneCD and Alcohol 120. Neither of these programs work.

When you say it’s a “pressed disc” what exactly do you mean?


Hey everyone, still looking for some help with this one. Can anyone out there help??


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_Disc take a look at the [I]Manufacture[/I] paragraph.
For your backup problem you could ask the company what kind of protection is used without this info a backup is quite hard.