2000 or XP

I have to admit it, guys…I hate XP! Something about it irks me. I even reformatted my laptop HD so I could get rid of the XP it came with and install 2000 in its place. Well, recently, my use of the laptop has been centered around multimedia- video editing, viewing, etc., etc. And I’m beginning to think that (as much as I hate the notion) I need to go back to XP. Am I right? Would XP be a better platform for multimedia apps?

2K will do just fine.

XP has some built-in stuff for multimedia purposes (I think that stuff is bloated, but I know that many will disagree). If you want this multtimedia functionality without diving into third party software, you should go for XP. If not, 2k will be just fine. I prefer 2k over XP to be honest.

Meh, people who hate XP must be using the retail version.

Got no problem w/ XP Pro. Fast and easy. I hope people realize W2K doesn’t come w/ msconfig.

You can always cut the luna interface from XP and make it look like 2k/98/etc. Thats what I do anyway. It’s a lot faster…


XP has some built-in stuff for multimedia purposes

Like what?

A picture viewer that can do slideshows, shell extentions to do some very minor image modifications like rotation, option to modify folder for certain file types (images, music), burning from the media player or shell etc… that’s what I call multimedia functionality that 2k (partially) lacks, out of the box that is.

MSConfig? Well that tool can be nice, but I think that Startup CPL beats MSConfig to it.

Compared to older Windows versions, both 2k and XP are very very stable. 2k Seems to be more stable though. I did some testing on this. My 2k box has been up for more than four montsh now, while I couldn’t keep my XP box up longer than 15 days. I reckon that 15 days is not bad, but that’s no four months :).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re gonna leave a system on forever, you wouldn’t be using a WinOS in the 1st place would you?

BTW, there’s one advantage W2K doesn’t have over WinXP. Can you say multiple user accts?

My win2k webserver with IIS (how low can you go eh ? :slight_smile: ) has been down for one hour the last two months. And that was planned downtime :slight_smile: Naturally it’s been greatly enhanced by using correct (security) policies

Point is… Windows 2000 (Server) can be extremely stable , as long as you don’t put much fanchy smanchy software on it and use normal accepted hardware products.

I also use Win2k Pro on a Celeron 500 system which holds my dvd writer. It’s rock stable and has the fastest booting time of all my operating systems … including Mandrake.

Windows XP (Pro) however can be a little better for gaming experience. It’s stability dramatically decreases when you install lots of software on it. I got about 250 3rd party products including games on my xp pro machine. It’s starup time is horrible.

Why not leave a system on forever? The systems that I use a lot are always on… I admit that Windows isn’t really made for doing so (too much stuff needs a reboot etc) but it should still be able to do this (in my opinion).

About the multiple user accounts: Win2k can do this as well, it just doesn’t support mutiple users that are logged into a system at the same time. This indeed a nice feature of XP (never used it though… it’s my PC… mine only :))

No problem. You can download MSCONFIG for W2k here

When I was with 2000, this was a godsend, and moving from W2k to XP was a decision that took a centuary to make. Both operating systems have there advantages and disadvantages.

i hated xp (pro corp) the two times i’ve tried to use it on my machine, too much trouble to get rid of all that spyware and too many needless stuff that needed to be removed
Went back to 2k Pro and i’m very happy with it.
This is my uptime now:
Windows 2K has been running 16wk 2days 21mins Memory Usage: 162/256MB (63.28%) Processor: 1-Intel Pentium III (Cu), 799MHz, 256KB (0% Load)

Spyware? What spyware? Do you know how to run ad-aware and spybot?

And what’s people’s fascination on leaving their system(s) on forever? Please don’t tell me you people are running that folding shit of one kind or another.

duno about spyware - but i often leave bittorrent running as well as my irc. gotta share the love

Well there are more than enough reasons why people like to leave their PCs on. Some that’d pop to my mind are:

  • desktop is used for server tasks (FTP, HTTP etc)
  • downloading and uploading
  • possibility to do things instantly (check mail or so)
  • open chatchannels
  • folding (yes I’m one of those people fighting cancer)
  • audio and video jukebox

I wouldn’t call that that strange… right?

it’s pretty much like Dee-ehn said and i’m not running folding but what’s wrong with that?
and by spyware i meant things like WDU, msn, wmp9, etc besides the regular spyware that already comes with it.

Oh, nothing’s wrong w/ folding except it’s a waste of electricity. The real research and cure’s done in the lab, not on some silly computer program. Give me break. How many cancers have these so-called folding programs cured so far? Zero. Electricity cost so far? Billions. Good job guys. Now give yourselves a pat in the back for doing absolutely nothing, other than bragging about how many units you and your team have completed today.

I use XP Pro, because it runs continously without any problems (oh… 1 little problem with IE but now i’m using opera :wink: )

2000 has always driver problems with my nvidia card and also with my creative soundcard… now i’m using XP Pro and everything is alright, multimedia tasks, burning programms -(nearly) everything runs on my system without errors

Dunno why people keep saying that xp is unstable. Both my Xp installations have been crach free (since I got rid of a very unstable antivirus software) for as logn as I can remember.
My advice to Xp users: whatever you do stay away from Norman Anti-Virus and update your drivers.