200 pk Dynex DVD-R

I am in Canada, I purchased a 200 pack of Dynex DVD-R’s for $29.99+ Tax Don’t know how good of a deal that is in USA…but thats very good around here…

That’s RITEKF1 media if it’s 16x.

Best Buy in the states sell Dynex but always expensive.

16x +R’s are RICOHJPNR03 and they burn pretty good.

If you can get +R 16x I would get them otherwise pass.

I don’t know about any of the 8x Dynex

No, they aren’t high speed…As I said thats a really good deal where I am from…Bestbuy=future shop in Canada…pls forgive me I am a newbie to this whole area I am learning though…I don’t worry about speed things…as long as they burn and plyback that good enough for me…I guess you guys who are right into this stuff would be more concerned with speed…

ROBSCIX, can you tell us the MID code for the discs. You can find out by putting a disc in the drive, start the cd dvd speed http://www.cdspeed2000.com/ program, look under the ‘info’ tab, and copy what is says in the MID field. :slight_smile:

Dynex are Never a good deal, unless you plan to give them out as freebies to people you don’t particularly care for. Friends don’t let friends use Dynex.
If you want your data to last then forget about this stuff, even if it’s only $30.

some reported that some spindles are made in Hong Kong or China, so be careful