200 Optodisc 8x DVD+R for 29.99+s&h


anyone know if these work well with either optorite DD0201, benq 1620, or benq 1640?

Save the $29. My experience with these discs has ben @#$%@!.

the 4x discs, they are pretty good in my DW1640 and 1620. MID is OR4.
I’m willing to try out the OR8 someday, but first I have to get through hundreds of TY :slight_smile:
This looks like a sweet deal.


For about $3 more you can get the Taiyo Yuden 100 cakebox 8x -R’s from Rima-

So why would you want the Optodiscs when you could have a 25 to 50% chance of coasters and possible degrading-eh??

Not to speak of the frustration and wasted time-eh!


Take Big Mikes advice. Why waste your money on an unknown media when you can have the Rolls Royce of Media for a little more.