$200 for a DVD recorder

My family’s DVD player just died.

When we bought it in 2002 we bought a cheap unit hoping to get a DVD recorder when it failed.

I’ve got $200 for for a DVD recorder, mostly to transfer VHS tapes to DVD.

Our other player/VCR is a Toshiba, so DVD-R/RW is a must. I’ve had the best luck burining to DVD+RW media on our computer’s (NEC) DVD burner, so the recorder should be able to burn DVD+R and DVD +RW.

It should support JPEG, so I can put a CD full of JPEGs in and play that. DIVx playing would be a plus.

I’ve been doing some research on Amazon.com but there dont’ seem to be many reliable players.

I’m really not sure what to get, I don’t know much about recording DVDs. Our televisons are 27" standard definition TVs so an upconvertor to an HD format is not neccessary.

We’d like the unit to last for a while.

Do you have any suggestions?


You might check this one.
Also available in stores.