200 dvd+r for 29.99+10 free 8x dvd-r Free Shipping

Not only do they burn well at 12x in my 3540a and 8x in 2510a, they are decent quality media. By modifying firmware you can burn any media higher then what’s it rated for. Even lousy ones overclock by 50 percent nicely.
Ex. 4x to 6x
8x to 12x

This is much better deal then shop4tech matrix media at 38.00 shipped so yes that’s why I think this is hot!

Ok if they are good lets see some scan…back up ur media with some proof. not bad mouthing u, as i have not used any techgeek media, but would like to see proof as im sure others would as well

Also what is the Manufacturer info? I know sugarmommy doesn’t care what he burns, but I know that some of us do.

Don’t see the 10 free deal! Media code?

MID does not matter which varies from AML 001 to VDSPMSAB 001, it’s the quality that does. They burn great at 8x, wanna see? It may not be impressive but it’s good for the money you paid.
Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc Type: : DVD+R
Book Type : DVD+R
Manufacturer: : unknown
MID : VDSPMSAB 001 (001)
Write speeds: : 2.4 X - 4 X - 6 X - 8 X
Blank Capacity : 4.38 GB
Swapped with VDSPMSAB 002 to burn 8x


sugarmommy, you have an NEC drive. don’t scan at 8x!!!

LOL figured he or she would learn from thier post before about the AML media…LOL

Boy that AML scan makes CMC media look like TY’s.

For an 8x burn that scan is trash. I hope that isn’t one of the better scans.:confused:

I would have said that myself, but then i would get another hateful pm from the OP

MID does not matter which varies from AML 001 to VDSPMSAB 001, it’s the quality that does
:disagree: :disagree:
the mid indicates the quality… but if you think AML is
decent quality media
then you should have been to staples this week. i think they are less than quality media but i did pick up 300 of them for $10… 6-50 pk@$4.94 with $3 ink coupons each and a $2 rewards refund. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s sad how these “thetechgeek.com” guys are spamming forums with their so-called deals on crap quality media. :disagree:


Regular price is 36.00, I was about to buy 100 for 17.99 until I saw this recently.
Depending on the quality, some may see 8x some 12x

Free 10pk 8x dvd-r with every purchase.


200 DVD+R TheTechGeek 29.99 Free Shipping

You get Free 10PK DVD-R Velocity 8x blank media with every purcahse as well!!! What a good way to says thank for buying from them. »www.thetechgeek.com/content/prod···&cid=117
Some may see 8x some 12x depending on the type of burner you use.

I dunno why you guys base your opinions on a few bad apples. They work well for me, ya don’t have any experience on burning media. MEDIA ID is MEDIA ID 001??? LOL. Most of ya are clueless, it’s either AML 001-000 or
VDSPMSAB 001-000
If you know how to hack firmware even the crappiest media will burn beautifully. Afer you update your firmware, always reboot your computer. Don’t burn immediately, you will coaster regardless.
I am in love with media.


You won’t find a better deal anywhere else, media quality is decent burn nicely at 8x in my new NEC 3550A I got recently. http://www.thetechgeek.com/content/product.php?pid=7596&cid=117
TheTechGeek rules! Cheap media that works good!

the must have a crapload (pun intended) to unload of that

You guys either hate or love me, I guess I’m getting the attention I need to make me famous. I maybe the next Einstein. First I am ridiculed, then there is an outraged, finally it is accepted that I am correct. :slight_smile:
If you found a better deal then good for you but what about those who haven’t? What’s the point of bashing a messenger or a dead horse? Give it a rest guys, your making me look bad.

You may think I work for them, I DO NOT. Please don’t make any stupid assumption just because you think so. Can you prove that I work for them? All this conspiracy theory is silly. roll eyes
If you think you are so good or are above others, why don’t you give out your so called trash media to homeless person around you or shipped it out for free? lol. I guess you like insult others for fun? Too much free time?

Yeah cause we all know the homeless are running portable dvd burners in their cardboard box homes :clap: , when will you stop spamming this forum with your BS posts? :confused: , your scans are crap your media is sh*t along with your attitude, most people who are told this go away and sort it out yet you come back with avengeance? :doh: whats the deal? :confused:

What’s the point of bashing a messenger or a dead horse?

Dead horse? great way to describe yourself :slight_smile:

Pure friggin trash, :Z :Z :Z you need to visit the BenQ Hall of fame and the dare threads so you know what a good scan looks like!

Whether you whiners buy or not is none of my concern. Your called me spammer yet you crap this thread like a spammer. What hypocrites. What is your point? Who cares? I’m just trying to save others money. DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER JUST CAUSE YE AIN’T GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO.

Fyi, I Am A Woman Not A Man.