200 8x TY DVD+R $69.99 Shipped

Taiyo Yuden Shiny Silver Thermal 8X DVD+R Media 200 Pack in Cake Box (Free Ground Shipping)

$69.99 Shipped

Thanks, but it’s against my religion to pay more than $30 per 100 for SL DVD media. :wink:

Well I knew that some people buy these from Rima for $33 for 100 so I figured this might be cheaper since Rima adds shipping charges.

WoW, +R, thats rare because most posts on TY deal online in here happens to be -R most of the time. The price is decent if you are on [B]red alert[/B] on your TY inventory

Yes you are correct it is a good deal for people who cannot find this media on sale at Sears or Kmart or Staples. Just a week or so ago I bought 3 50 spindles of Sony Taiyo Yuden 8X+ for less than 38.00 out the door. Thats about 26.00 per hundred. :doh:

Supermedia store also the inject printable 16X DVD+R 200 packs on sale as well…

email arrived 10 minutes after I ordered 100 from rima.com. Go figure. (Not sure I wanted 200 discs, though).

To bad it’s not 8x DVD+R Inkjet printable, I would jump all over the deal then.

Me too. LOL.:iagree:

Yeah, and I got the Sony 25-packs for $25.00 USD per 100. When those run out, then we’ll be at the mercy of the online retailers, but not yet. :disagree:

Yeah, they’re on sale though not as low a price:http://www.supermediastore.com/taiyo-yuden-8x-dvd-plus-r-media-white-inkjet-hub-printable-200-pack.html
200 for 81.99

I would jump too if it is -R 16X