$200 5.1 speakers

I want some 5.1 speakers that use the digital connection on the audigy, instead of trying to emulate surround sound using the stereo port. My budget is ~$200, give or take. Any suggestions? For DVDs, games, mp3s

Can it be $49 more than 200 ? Then what about these little fellas ?

I dunno if they have a Dolby Digital decoder in them… probably not.

Or these here

Originally posted by Pappy
Or these here

Whoa… and that for only $150 !?:rolleyes:

Looks very very good !

I’m seriously considering the Creative Inspire 5700s, though I’m still researching. Nowhere near as powerful as Klipsch or anything like that, but they’ve gotten some good reviews and I found some for ~$240. Link here http://www.americas.creative.com/products/product.asp?product=220&category=15&maincategory=3

Try checking out Monsoon MH505’s www.monsoonpower.com , i have them hooked to my audigy and they sound great. It sounds alot better than any Creative INspire series speaker. While the base may not hit as low as the Cambridge Megaworks 510D’s or Klipsch Promedia’s it is tight and accurate. The midrange and highs are just so clear, and all for around $150 average, can be found for just over $100 in a few places.

extreme tech had revue recently. monsoon, creative and yamaha all were recommended. take your pick