20 Verbatim 2.4X DL +R $29.99 OTD B&M and Online at Microcenter

20 Verbatim DL +R media for $29.99 in store and online, no rebate requires

Link to Online Deal

That’s a very good deal for anyone lucky enough to be close to one of the stores. After shipping, the price is the same as Neweggs price (which is out of stock).

Where you From Quantum, which state??? Have you try buying a few spindles to see if you can save on shipping?? I live kinda close to microcenter, but I rarely shop there.

Newegg should have them back in stock tomorrow though and you should keep an eye out on them. They frequently switch back and forth between free shipping, which IMHO is the make or break for the ones at newegg.

I live in CT. My DL stock is adequate for now so I’ll wait and see if Newegg does another $30 for 20 deal with free shipping.

it is good to see the price starts falling, time to stock up since blu-ray and HD-DVD is still out of reach, and it will remain out of reach for a long time.

I guess I must be one the lucky ones. :slight_smile:

I have to get there quick!