20 speed CAV a reality?



Looking at the speed graphs of the LG it appears a faster rotation speed is used when writing using P-CAV mode. I believe this means its possible to write at 20 speed CAV. I hear there are chipsets available that support 20 times reading and writing.

I was lead to believe a DVD-r/+r wasn’t suitable for rotating faster than the equivalent 16 speed but the graphs of Kenny prove otherwise.

I believe the next speed increase will be with 20 speed media.

Any comments apprecdiated?



Truly a nice IEEE 1394 burner. :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly what speed would be the practical maximum. 20 seems a little high. That test was done about 5 weeks ago when MCC004 price was 2x as high as it is now in Seoul. :slight_smile: I can do more tests but then there are quite many people who are using GSA-4163B plus MCC004 for P-CAV 16x writing. :slight_smile:


So from the graph it writes with a rotation speed of 10,000 RPM?
compared to approx 8,900 RPM for CAV.

So maybe a CAV burn just below 18 speed?

Am I right in thinking 52 speed cd writes at 11,000 - 12000 RPM?

If this is the theoretical max rotation speed then that would mean max dvd speed very close to 20 times.


Can you post a very ideal (or perfect) 52x P-CAV burn? I don’t know if there is such a thing. I’m familiar with 52x CAV. There were a lot of repetitions to test 52x CD-R burning on Lite-On 52x CD writers and hundreds of blank disks were used in a day. I can’t remember if there was a rotation speed indication. While testing hundreds of 52x CD writers and the combo drives, we used to test as briefly as possible on each disk and each drive. I don’t know whether 11K or 12K rotation speed can be achieved, but I am sure it will increase noise and heat.

Manufacturers of DVD writers know the problem very well. They make 16x DVD writers mostly because 16x is within the specification and quite many consumers expect it because they have heard “16x” for years for DVD. With the danger of too much noise and heat, would they start making millions of DVD writers to go over 16x? I honestly hope to see a 17x or 18x DVD writer though. :iagree: (And surely a 20x DVD writer would become my favorite!)