20 questions with Lord Vader

The most ambitious 20-questions website to date is paid for by Burger King but does not urge you to buy burgers. The darks side of the force knows much about a great deal many thingsssss!


He didnt know Yoda but I suspect that was my fault since I was not to pick a specific object… But he did guess Goblin, so close enough I’d say… :slight_smile:

You failed miserable to get one post Oh Evil one.

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss failed to get even one. Untill this one obviously.

One more may help the Evil One.

Damn it got Wormhole in 19 Questions.

Yay. It failed to get a can of Fizzy drink in 30 questions.

I chose cat…which if you are not specific can mean tiger, lion, house cat, etc. He stopped after 26 questions…he guessed Mammoth (question 23), Donkey (#25), and Brontosaurus (#26). Vader needs to work on his powers…

Oh my god no way…he got “eyeball”??? I didn’t keep track, something around 20 or so…Ok-let’s get down and dirty—“Spock”…

#20…“I’m guessing it’s a celebrity” . hmmm…

Ok, to be fair: “x-ray”

HOLY SHIT! X-ray in 22?!?!!? How the hell did he get that?

ok-“food poisoning”

Got him! 30. But then he asks a group of Q’s and one of them was “disease”. To be honest I wasn’t sure how to answer some of the Q’s…

“spoiled meat”

“steak” in 25…I don’t suppose Burger King would whisper “spoiled meat” in his ear…

I liked it when some king was coming up and whispered another question in his ear.

It was the burger king!

This is a pretty good one. It managed to get tobacco, coffee, but couldn’t get candy bar wrapper.

I decided to try “penis” (my humor is not juvenile!) and he began by asking if it was big and black. But then he got way off track…

A must bump thread because it is Lord Vadar and he told me too.

I have used my jedi-powers to persuade the machine to give me the passkey.

login: bk
pass: int3rna1r3v13w