20 pc Maxell DVD +R/-R $3.50 @ Staples

just got back from my staples. as stated, maxell 20 pcs in seperate jewel cases; $3.50. They had no +r left, plenty of -r tho @ 4x.

I was just at staples moments ago. I didnt see anything onsale expect for the 50 pk sonys.

just ask. its not posted on display, but the 20 pack will ring as $3.50.

whats the MID on the ones you got?

i only use +r, so i didn’t get any of these.

they’re all out :frowning:

Bar code is 025215626227…pick up those phones…i got 120 Tyg01’s with jewel cases!!!..out the door for 18.5 cents each…22.26 total…this is a fanfreakintastic deal.

edit…that bar code is for the japan tyg01’s that i got.

Current Profile: DVD-R

Disc Information:
Status: Empty
Erasable: No
Free Sectors: 2,297,888
Free Space: 4,706,074,624 bytes
Free Time: 510:40:38 (MM:SS:FF)
Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x

Pre-recorded Information:
Manufacturer ID: TYG01

Is this price advertised on the shelves at Staples?

Also, is it available nationally and is it available for this week?

It’s a clearance price, gone when gone. It wasn’t advertised at the Staples I went to. I just took one up and verified that it was $3.50 and then bought 30 packs split 50/50 of DVD-R and DVD+R. I now have 600 discs with jewel cases for about $100.

How well do these burn on an NEC 3500A?

For the Maxell DVD-R, you may get combinations of:

Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [TYG01]

Manufacturer Name : [Hitachi Maxell Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [MXL RG02]

They both work well in my XBOX which I use as a DVD player as well as for backups. Burn great in a Pioneer DVR-106D and DVR-108. I don’t have an NEC-3500 to comment.

SKUs are 562152 for +R and 562450 for -R …(beter than barcodes)

Got these from another forum, they seem to be accurate.

How well do these burn on an NEC 3500A?..heard nothing but good things, mine burns paper plates.

I went with a friend and after a long search by Staples employees we got 1 each -r box with TYG01 ID

is this sale in every staples or just where u live? i went to there site and it shows 20 pack for 10.98 and was this just for 1 day?

Online site is not accepting this sale. In most Staple stores the price was not marked down on the regular shelves. The blanks were at special Clearance location with $3.50 sign, but most likely you got the price ONLY when they scan it at checkout.

This was strange and quick Clearance sale, it seems Staples needed to remove all stock from stores. It started about 3 days ago, now you may have to look very hard to find any packs left behind.

Don’t bother trying. I went to all the staples around my area today and the employees bought them all for themselves…bastards

Figures and what you said

well!!! what can he say!!! :smiley:

I got 4 packs :slight_smile: In NJ if anyone cares