20 minutes to burn dvd-r at 16x



i have this weird problem sometimes.

when burning dvd-r (rated at 16x) tried verbatim and optodisc. it takes about 20 minutes to burn dvd. drive is stuck at lead-in for about 12+ minutes.

what could be causing this?

btw i’m using the latest firmware, ad oem drive


Possible bad flash perhaps ?

Try running Qscan does it detect the drive ?

Boot into windows safe mode and reflash whatever firmware your currently using and try another burn and see if that clears it, also it wouldn’t hurt to check if DMA is enabled.

Also if using VIA/NVIDIA IDE drivers try rolling back to the MS IDE drivers.


yes Qscan does detect the drive, and drive is in UDMA2 mode

i will try re-flasing

don’t have via or nvidia chipset


Test using 4X speed. Post the burn time.


doing another burn right now

right now its over 12 minutes for lead-in on verbatim dvd-r.

i have booktype set to auto in nero

ok edit, at 13 minutes 20 seconds it started to burn the track.

note: dvd+r burns fine


nero log


Evidently “Auto” in bitsetting for dvd-r is pretty stupid as it says it set the media to dvd-rom which is impossible. Change it to “current recorder setting”. I’m betting that will solve the problem.


i will try that



You should turn on Dma When available mode. Here is a link with excellent instructions


Thank you, but did you realize that you are answering a 1 year and 6 months old thread? :stuck_out_tongue: