$20 for ebay users willing to sign up for new service

ok i wanted to hold off on posting this until I was sure it worked and wasn’t a scam.

i did this 2 days ago and the $20 was deposited in my paypal account this morning.

basically it’s a new bid by phone service that is trying to attract customers by offering $20 via paypal to thos who give it a try.

all of the info is here: http://freebiesandmore.blogspot.com/

basically you sign up for a free account, and add an auction that’s about to end to your watch list.

go back to the unwiredbuyer.com site and “update auctions” and wait for the automated phone call letting you know the auction is about to end.

you then follow the voice prompts to bid (bid on something you know you won’t win…works like a charm)

after you’ve bid you’ll get your $20.

It’s not as sketchy as it sounds. there’s no referrer ID in the link or anything. just a simple way to make $20 by registering on a website for those that are interested.

i know it’s not really a “deal” but money for nothing is certainly a bargain if you ask me.

If it didn’t involve eBay and Paypal it would be a good deal…

it was a free and easy $20.

i know a lot of people will be skeptical which was why i held off on posting unil i verified it myself.

either way, i just posted it for informational purposes if anyone was interested.

besides, i’m poor and $20 is $20 :slight_smile:

Now you can use your blood for more important things… :slight_smile:

haha if i don’t find a job soon i’ll be donating eggs before i know it

How about putting them up for bid on eBay…

i can see the listing now.

5’4" brown hair/green eyes/computer nerd looking to sell eggs…

wonder how many bids that would get :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you play First Person Shooters? :wink:

hahaha i should just advertise on WOW and EQ servers

Sounds good

Sounds good

Which? The $20 or reasonsnotrules?

the ova sale

:clap: :clap: :clap:
The 13 hour delayed punchline…

better late than never
we all can’t be glued to the the PC
beats the 13+28 post:flower:

good find
it is all about saving (or making) money :bow:

coooool, they just sent me $20 :cool:

thanks for the heads up!

you’re welcome. I’m glad some people tried it!

Great info reasonsnotrules!!

I’m always skeptical when it comes to posts like this,but I’m bored,so I tried it.

I just signed up,placed an item in my watch list-but made sure it was something I could use in a worst case scenario, and place the bid by cell phone, LOL. Very simple.

I lost the auction,so now for the email and free money!!! I even upped the ante on that auction a couple times, LOL. Some poor sap paid an extra buck for it!

haha i thought the same thing when i lost my auction…i laughed to myself that some guy had to pay extra because i’m a cheap bastard haha.

i should have made sure it was something i could use in a worst case scenario…I bid on a children’s place coupon or something…I would have been SOL if I had won…no children here!

i agree that The nature of the whole thing sounds sketchy, but I was broke enough to give it a try and everything went very smoothly as it also seems to have gone for others that have tried it.

I got the email that I qualified for the $20 within an hour of bidding and I received the money in my paypal in just under 2 days (you prob won’t see yours until tues or wed if you just did it…they prob only count business days)

Hey reasons
just got my $20 bucks
I actually picked up something I really needed for a cool penny (s/h=$8 so not bad)
Thanks for the good find

Just got email confirmation on my $20 paypal deposit.

2 business days,right on cue reasonsnotrules!!!

Easy money!!!