20% Discount Off Of Already Discounted Prices at Deep Discount


That great DVD and CD discounter Deep Discount - is knocking off an additional 20% from 06/04 through 06/17 when you use the coupon codes SUPERSALE or USATODAY here:


Is this the “How many times can you say ‘discount’ in a thread title” competition?! :bigsmile:

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A rebate on the bonus on the discounted discount on the already discounted bonus on the rebate on the discount at Deep Discount? :doh:

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Don’t forget, he has to check out through Google.

just want to warn everyone that the last time I used a 20% code at DD it wasn’t too pretty

I thought I was getting a great deal on a bunch of classic hard to find movies, but after 2 weeks of waiting I emailed their support and got a canned response telling me to wait one more week then email again if the movies still hadn’t come. A week later the movies still hadn’t come so I send another email and get another canned response saying the post office must have lost the package and they would resend the movies, but the way their system works they would have to refund the money from the original order then recharge it. everything seemed to go well, I got the refund right away, but when they recharged the order they didn’t apply the 20% off…I sent yet another email, but they just gave me the run-around telling me the 20% code wasn’t valid any more and there was no way they could give me the same price as the original order I placed…so I canceled payment through my credit card

I’m not sure if it was a legit mistake or a scam, but the lack of customer service really turned me off to the company, which is a shame because they carry tons of hard to find movies and have pretty good prices

Dang Mike, why in the world did you post this and make everyone’s head spin :confused: :bigsmile:

doesnt sound too good…never had any problems with them…ordered alot of dvds from them and they all get to me within a week


I totally concur-

I have probably placed twenty some odd orders with DD - and have never paid postage and have always gotten them in about a week or so-

Not one order mistake or problem-eh! :iagree: :iagree: