20-cent Memorex 8x DVD-R at Circuit City



Taking mine back. Tried 2-3 on an NEC 35550 and then 2-3 on a Lite-On 1693. Absolute garbage as usual.



That should not come as any surprise to anyone who has hung out in here for any length of time-eh!

Rule #1 - ‘there is [B][I]no[/I] [/B] substitute for good media’

Rule #2 - ‘buy cheap - buy twice’



Already stocked up on the Verbatim sell at BB but just had to try these Memorex out. For around $6 it was worth a shot in the dark.


So what is the result of this shot in the dark?.



I think they pretty much said it all when they said ‘Going to take them back’

So you get the opportunity to take time and gas, find a parking space, go into the store, find the stuff (usually 'cause the employees don’t have a clue as to where they are) stand in line, take them home, open them up, find out that they aren’t any good (even though your fellow freaks have been saying this for years), climb back in the car, go back to the store, find a parking space, go in, go through the hastle of going through the return process - usually with a clerk that is clueless - get your $10 refund, drive home, get on line and buy them from Rima for $18 plus $5 shipping (which you should have done in the first place) and the great Taiyo Yuden discs are delivered to your door in two days - you stay home - in your jammies - and enjoy your great medias-eh!



Well, here’s the flip side of the argument.

Not everybody likes unbranded, white or shiny, dust-magnet surfaces to write on.

Most media made in Taiwan and India is good, occasional vocal complaints notwithstanding.

Most stores don’t have customer lines or parking problems.

Media sections are not hard to find the first time if you walk through the store, and definitely easy on your subsequent visits.

Some of us enjoy stopping at a store to have look, when going out for various reasons.

And last but not least, if going out happens to involve driving, we don’t feel it’s particularly burdensome or even unpleasant. In fact, driving a nice road with curves can be a lot of fun.

You’re in Half Moon Bay? Try a trip down highway 1, then up 9, and back on 35 and 92 on a sunny day to see what I mean [extra points for averaging 60+ mph on that trip] :slight_smile:


You can point fingers and laugh all you like but what I don’t understand is why aren’t you guys out preaching this stuff to the masses. The biggest thing I dont understand is why hasn’t anyone done anything about the terrible reliability at your typical B&M store?!?! I should be able to walk into a B&M and buy a 50 pack of name brand media and expect it to last 12 months. I think we all know this isn’t very likely though! So why hasn’t anything been done about it?


With a decent burner and decent firmware support, these discs should work fine, with the exception of Ritek G05. You never even said what media code the discs you bought were, BTW. You may not get quality scans matching TY or MCC media, but they should be perfectly acceptable.


Yo agent009-

Taking that route - you would have about a 1:20 chance of survival and at 60 - about 1:2-eh!


  1. the “masses” know nothing about firmware and keeping their hardware up to date. they assume once they take something out of the box and put it in their computer, it’s going to work forever until it breaks.

  2. the general public is not THAT computer saavy. for us, it’s an easy concept to grasp that brands repackage product from many different manufacturers. When I sent my dad out to buy discs one day and I tried to explain that to him he said “all companies have quality control so it should all be the same” something tells me that’s how a majority of CASUAL users would react as well.

  3. what do you suggest be done? I might be underestimating the general public, but I don’t put enough faith in their computer understanding for a nationwide “improve media quality standards” campaign to roll out and raise awareness and be successfull.

I think that by informing forum members when they ask or when they encounter problem we are helping the situation GREATLY. not everyone who comes here is a computer whiz, but they all have something in common…they’re ASKING for input and want to learn how to make their products work. They’re receptive to our message and our suggestions.

basically, you can’t tell someone that has never had a dvd skip that it’s still possible hat their burn quality is in the toilet…they simply don’t want to hear it and won’t believe you.

cdfreaks is a large community that gets a LOT of google hits. most people googling computer troubles will likely end up here and hopefully they will be pointed in the right direction.


The MID was CMC MAG AE1 of course.

The problem I see is that 9 times out of 10 the firmware doesn’t improve much upon this media from the B&M’s though. As an example, the media from this very thread was giving me PIF’s of around 30!! Being I had only had the NEC 3550 a few days I decided to try 3 different firmwares of which included Liggy’s. On my 1693 I reset the PROM of learning media and tried a few burns, better than the NEC but still PIF’s in the low 20’s. I never tried any of these discs in my standalones but I’d be shocked if they played. Sooo…surely the average user is returning this crap to the stores when the discs dont play! If that’s the case I would think these stores such as BB would be applying pressure to the different vendors such as Memorex, etc.

Maybe I’m off in left field here :slight_smile: I have to think if I’m a manager of a BB and I see constant returns of media then I’m going to think twice about restocking it. Too bad an employee of one of the B&M’s couldn’t give us some insight. Who knows…maybe the stores just ignore the constant returns :-\


i’ve never worked in an electronics store, but working in a major retail chain store I can tell you that stores and even store managers have NO say in what they stock (unless they’re a franchise)

all of the stocking orders come down from the corporate office which is likely hundreds of miles away, and there’s not much anyone on the store level can do about it…

do tha tmany people really return media? I honestl ydidn’t know you COULD return media until I started posting on this forum. it’s an awkward thing to return and therefoer I think a lot of people just eat the loss. it’s like “hi, i opened the shrink wrap, used 5 or 6 discs, then deicded I don’t want this anymore. give me a refund.” I think that the LAST thing end users suspect as the cause of their problems is usually media. I’ve seen people RMA drives because they’re convinced they don’t work before attempting to switch their blank media…

i’m not syaing that there SHOULDN’T be at least something in place to deal with the type of crap that major brands pass off and blank dvds, but I highly doubt that any major course of action from well-informed consumers like ourselves or even from the retail stores is likely to make a difference.

assuming people DO return media:
store A sees that memorex gets a lot of returns and stops stocking it. they now stock say Sony, a brand that outsources to good manufacturers but goes on sale a hell of a lot less often than memorex.

store B still carries memorex and makes a killing because they have the cheaper media and cna now sell more of it because Store A’s customers will drive the extra 5 miles up the road to get the better deal on discs.

Store B sees how much they make off of Memorex media and continues to stock even MORE of it.

basically, the bottom line is $$$ and not really customer satisfaction.


Yo rnr-

You have some very good and valid points-

The problem - especially for the uninitiated - is that the brands that they have trusted in the past i.e. Memorex, TDK, Imation, etc are now selling a mixed bag of medias - at best-

These poor folks are backing up their computers onto this garbage - thinking that it is a namebrand product ant therefore should be good - and probably never are in a position to test it or even use it- (how many hundreds of times have we seen folks fight about their media - only to be proven wrong by the tests and scans) we have seen a bunch of folks that have returned their drives or burned new firmwares before they finally realised that it was - in fact - the media-

Me personally - I am down to two basic medias - Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim - and my Ricoh 4x +R R01’s (of which there are about 250 left) - and there again - I would not purchase Ricoh R02, R03 or R04’s due to their crappy quality issues-



Sorry to hear. My BenQ 1640 have been giving me 96’s consistently after the 3rd burned disc with solidburn ON…on the Memorex i got from CC this saturday for $13.50 for 100. Albeit the PIE are quite high, in the 50k range to 100k with PIF never higher than 6 and on average total PIF in the 500’s. (as compared to my Sony TY’s and not much worse than MCC004’s.) All in all not superb burns but good burns nonetheless.

From my personal experience, i have memorex’s that are 1.5 years old now and still plays on all my DVD players and still scan much below acceptable limits for a decent burn…those were burned on my BenQ 1620.


I just opened a package that I bought last week ($7, IIRC). The MID is MCC02RG20. Is this media any good?


Yes, it’s one of the best 8x -R media codes available.