20-cent Memorex 8x DVD-R at Circuit City



I was at Circuit City this evening, and noticed 50-packs of Memorex DVDs priced $9.99.

This is not part of their weekly sale, and according to the website, only available in stores that have leftover stock of this media.

You can check availability online by typing in your zip code.


Poor media at a bargain price is still poor media…


Good deal made even better if used with this coupon. Discs are mostly CMC AE1, FUJIFILM03, Prodisc F01, and Ritek G05. With a good burner they should work fine, except of course Ritek G05. None in stock at my store according to the website, but then I have more media than I know what to do with already. :rolleyes:


Well. Let’s see.

#1, a Memorex-branded disc burned by Pioneer DVR-A09.

#2, a Memorex-branded disc burned by BenQ DW1640.


:iagree: I know my trusty old Pioneer 108 always loved HP branded CMC MAG AE1. Never tried the Memorex ones though.


They are not going to be any significant difference. Many drives now days optimize CMCMAG E01 and AE1 especially at 8x.

Thanks for the heads up, agent009.


sweet coupon!

is there an expiration date (I didn’t see one but i could be blind)


nevermind. june 11th.


i’m very opposed to memorex, but this is tempting. $7.50 (after coupon) for 50 discs = about $.15/disc

the 2 closest stores to me are in stock as well. hmmm


reasons, I though you have enough Sony TY already?


i’m a sucker for a sale though…

saving money ends up costing me a whole lot!


LOL. You better find a good printable media on sale if you want that Epson R320. :slight_smile:



Ha! This reminds me of the expression “You can’t save money by spending money.”


i’m skipping the printer due to the rebate thing and the fact that I HATE radio shack. every time i’ve ever had to go in there they treat me like shit. one time they even told me that it was impossible to play my record player through my computer speakers…i was like ummm just show me where i can find a 1/8" to female RCA adapter and leave me the hell alone…

i might go buy this memorex media today. i can always return it if i come to my senses in the next 30 days, right?


Thanks for the tip on these. For that price I’m willing to give it a go. I have an NEC 3550 on the wya that might like them better than my 1693.


I dunno why but CMC seems to get an undserved bad rap by many here. Yes while they are not on par with MCC or TY, they burn quite well on my BenQ 1620 and 1640. I have CMC media 1.5 years old now, still scans well and plays well on all dvd players. I for one wouldn’t hesitate to buy these for so cheap and use them for long term archival.


that’s assuming that that’s the media you actually GET.

CMC is probably considered only mediocre by the forum, but plenty of people have no problem using it. The problem people have with memorex is its unpredictability. When you pick up a stack of memorex there’s no way to tell what’s going to be inside. They outsource to such a range of manufacturers that there’s no systematic and accurate way to guess what media code a particular spindle will contain.

the last time I bought memorex I think I got FujiFilm03. everything I burned was unrecoverable and most of it also unreadable within a month.

for this price though (with the coupon) it’s probably worth taking the chance.


Agent009, how often or how many of us got CMC media burnt at that good of a quality??? Too bad, I toss all of my coasters away or else I would give you a few scans of CMC media. Some batches are exceptionally good, and some are ok, but unlucky me, I ran into a few unuasable spindles. The only good spindle of CMC I’ve ever got good in my life was from Philips 25 spindle pack. And I already stocked up on CMC from Staples anniversary sale and it is a lot of a better deal than the sale of memorex at CC


I’ve got a lot of AE1 [something like 300] from Best Buy when they had them on clearance for some ridiculuous price, and they’ve all been this good. The other kind of AE1 I burned were the Circuit City Nexxtech brand, and they were just as good.

However, E01 [the +R counterpart], TDK-branded, has never burned very cleanly, only about average. So, based on that, I’ve stuck with AE1 and never regretted it.


Thanks agent for the information I personally have never had any good experiences with “Memorex” disc and I have avoided them for years. Few months ago I bought some double Layer from Memorex all came out as coaster.