20 bit mp3?

hi i have a Green day - Nimrod cd, it is a HDCD, or High Dencity CD, which means that it has 20 bit sound as opposed to normal cd´s 16 bit, it will rip fine into mp3 at 16bit 192Kbps, but it doesnt sound as good as the original CD, is there any way to make/rip a 20bit mp3 file, thanks :bow:

If you use lame.exe, you can try the --resample <sfreq> switch with sfreq being the sample frequency in kHz.

thanks urieh, will try that :smiley:

Don’t think you can do 20-bit MP3s and resample changes sample rate and not bit width. LAME does support 20-bit input though (or should support).

  Input options:
    --bitwidth w    input bit width is w (default 16)


Keep in mind that, even if HDCD claims itself as “20bit recording”, the wave sample format is still 16 bit… just check this thread:wink:



ok, so if i encode as a wave without modifications then it will still be as good quality?,

thanks to everybody who helped :smiley:


Yes, it should be decent if you use a switch like --preset standard or --preset extreme when encoding using LAME.