20.000 visitors today ! Thank you!

I just posted the article 20.000 visitors today ! Thank you !.

At about 22:00 GMT +01:00 we should have broken the record of 20.000 visitors today. Thank you all ! We hope you will keep visiting us !

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/403-20_000-visitors-today--Thank-you-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/403-20_000-visitors-today--Thank-you-.html)

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U know…
I JUST FUCKIN’ HATE THOSE BSA MOTHERFUCKERS… We all can’t help it that they CAN’T buy a cdwriter, because it to expensive… FUCK ALL YA BSA LOSERS!! (or send another nice mail to my mailbox!!!)
PS: i just love how ScarFace write about those lazy ass bitches on his page

Congratulations !!!

no further comment

hope you’ll get to 30 000 soon

Well, to be honsetly:

never doubted about it that CdFreaks would reach this amount. LET MORE FOLLOW !!!

Well guys…You’re da BEST! Go on, and inform us, make us HATE BSA/BUMA STEMRA !!!

See ya L8R

“make us HATE BSA/BUMA STEMRA !!!”

Already hate it

You have to have the hate from your inner soul not from cdfreaks

you have to be born with the hate inside you

you have to hate them forever


Congratulations !!!
ga zo door

Of course is my homepage…
you’re the best guys!!! :wink:

whenever i log on, i come here first.


I come here at least 10.000 times a day

how you get that many, show me excatly how please how you get that many vistors a day