2 x 700mb AVI to Dvd ( will it work )



i am just curious as to whether converting two 700mb avi files at the same time will fit onto a 4.7GB DVD+RW disc straight after conversion

i have converted 2 x AVI befor using vso but i never chose the option to burn straight away,when i went back a day later to burn the film to disc it wouldnt fit so i was just curious as to wether this is a problem due to not using burn straight away

my thinking was that VSO reads the disc whilst present in the dvd drive and converts the film to fit onto it perfectly?just wanted to make sure haha


Post the conversion log.
The convertxtodvd.log file is in the C:\Documents and Settings[your user name]\Application Data\Vso folder.

no, there is a setting in the software for the target size, Settings>Encoding.