2 writers wont reconize?

hello to all
i tryed to reasearch before i posted this, but dont see anything regarding this.
transfering 2 dvd writers(plex 708,nec3520) to a new tower.
motherboard is a asus p4b33.anyway when i put the 2 in & power up it only reconizes 1 or the other?? this is the first time i,ve actually tryed anything of this sort.buy the way these writes are comming out a ibm netvista that took a crap on me so i figured i,d take a whack at it & try it myself.
all was going great, installed nvidia 5700, soundcard, 2nd maxtor hd. all went well, thought i had it whipped till this!!
i hoping & been reading all morning to no avail!!
please help or laugh or at least point me in the right direction.
these forms have helped in the past, so i figured i,ll try again.thanks to all!! :bow:

Sound like you have one of your writers jumpered incorrectly. Is the 2nd Maxtor a new drive? Which IDE channels do you have your writers on?

thanks for the quick response
the writers are set for cable select on the secondary.
the 2 hds are both on the primary,jumpered master & slave.
this is all going into a new tower w/xp,1gigram,ect…

Try setting the jumpers as master and slave. I’m not a fan of cable select and it won’t work with 40 conductor cables.

i’ll try that as soon as i get a chance.but you,ve brought up another question i,ve been wondering.can i use 80 conducter cable with all this?? does it improve anything?and is it ok to possibly put 3rd drive in the future??
not out of the woods yet,but atleast you gave me a direction!!
thanks pipermaid!

An 80 conductor cable is a definite need. The purpose of the extra conductors is to shield adjacent signal leads and allow for higher data transfer rates.
You’re limited to 2 drives per IDE channel. You could, in the future, add an additional controller card for more hard drives. The best approach is a SATA card and that would give you higher data transfer rates (theoretically) than standard PATA IDE drives.

708 and 3250 will work fine with 40 conductor IDE cable. Maximum throughput speed for the 16X 3250 is 23MB/sec, well within the capability of 40 wire cable. There will be NO difference in performance if the drives and windows are properly configured.

That would be a 3520 versus a 3250 and 80 conductor cable is an additional safeguard. The shielding does perform an important task in modern computer cases. Lots of RF inside the case. I try to eliminate as much as possible. Minimal cost with potential gains and fewer problems. My PE does come in usefull sometimes.