2 week old 3500 start acting weird (stalling)


2 weeks ago i bought my NEC 3500 dvd burner. I came home with a smile, installed it and burned several discs without any problem at all (all at 4x don’t need to go any faster).

I think around saturday i was still burning everything fine, i bought like 150 (!!) new discs (Riteks and That’s writes) and the first ones started fine, but suddenly i think it was sunday i wanted to burn some data and the drive started acting weirdish.

It starts fine then it hit’s 2% and then the light goes on and off and on and off, my buffer cache level is fluctuating heavily and my system proces is like 99.9999%, i can barely do anything else (it even disconnects my msn sometimes).
My drive was first in PIO mode, yesterday i changed it to DMA if possible but still no luck, i tried different softwares but all gave me same stalling result.

NOw i don’t know what to do. I think i may go try the drive in another pc and see what happens.
Baddest thing is i’m not someone that has a good habit of keeping the receipts :frowning: .
Did anyone have or know someone with similar problems or am I again the only one in this world with this?


Try alternate media-

Strongly suggest Taiyo Yuden 8x- (-R’s)

If it still happens-

Send the drive back-


Make sure that your drive is really in DMA mode now. If not, delete the IDE channel in the device manager. After a restart, it is detected again and DMA should work perfectly :wink: Good luck!

Yes easy going man.
I deleted the secondary controller, rebooted and now i have dma 2 :).

I’m burning and surfing as we speak :smiley: .