2 WD 160 Gb 7200 Rpm Hdd's 89.88 Shiped Staples

Staples has the Maxtor 160GB hard drive ((Item #504516)on sale for $59.94. Purchase a pair of these and then add coupon 95763 to save $30 on the pair. Total is $89.98 (plus tax) out the door.

Don’t forget to use FatCash to save additional 2% - plus get Staples rewards!

Update: Based on comments from others, may be regional offering only - Chicagoland? Try it and see if it works.

It’s been also reported that you can mix and match this drive and coupon with any other item(s) as long as the total of the order is $100 or more - YMMV but worth a shot…

shahhere posted this as method to get to work if outside the Chicago area, YMMV on this one too, but worth a shot:

I got this to work for me in PA (19440) and did the following steps:

I cleared my cookies and other files by going to Tools\Advanced Options in IE.
Then went to Staples.com and did a search for 504516
Then when asked for zip I entered zip 60201 (Chicago zip?)
The drive showed $59.99 for me so I added 2 of those drives.
Entered coupon 95763 and hit Checkout.
It asked me to log into my account and when I did the price went up to $99.99 but for 6 (from before??)
On that checkout page I went to “Edit” and removed the drives.
Looked for the drive again and added the drive again still showing $59.99 but this time I was still logged into my account.
I checked out with a coupon and have an order number showing for a total of $89.88

heres the link to the original post

I ordered 2 and now there is a problem with the zip code entered. Probably won’t get these. Damn…

Just recieved another e-mail from Staples. Now they are scheduled for delivery on 3/25/05. They raised the price from 89 bucks to 95 bucks. I can live with that.

i order mine but i didnt have the funds in the bank but it went through never got that damn email yet though >:( but i got to get to the bank first thing in the morn to deposit funds b4 they try takeing them out

now out of stock

yeah deal run for 11 hours and had over 1500 views people was buying them like crazy

Got mine this week. Nice…