2 Usb more?

Well I just want to learn how we connect a add-on USB cable on the USB header for two extra USB ports! My motherboard is ABIT VH-6 II . Please if anyone knows where I could find some help…REPLY `cause I NEED IT.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean here.

Are you looking for a cable/device that you can connect to your motherboard and have 2 extra USB ports (extra to the two that are already available)?

If so, you motherboard must support it (have not checked, but you can check in your booklet that came with it). When your mobo supports it, you can get it in most computer stores. (With my Asus K7M it was in the package already).

When you just want to add 2 USB ports s you can connect more USB devices, you can buy an USB Hub. With that you can connect up to a maximum of 127 devices (Hubs included) to your current USB ports. The advantage of a HUB is that you have extra power in it to, since it will be connected to a power source (and thus not use up power of your PC, especially handy when you have only a 235W power supply)

Well I bought Promise ATA Controller and Win XP has the drivers already so zero problems!:smiley: Thank you very much for your reply

Hoh, about adding it inside wasn`t so difficult I found in a site how installing it on every type of mobos!:wink: