2 to 1

I have a double sided DVD movie, which for convenience I would like to backup as a one sided DVD. Would I re-author this with TMPGEnc DVD Author.
When using CloneDVD I can only save each side as two separate files but I cant merge them or either compress or join as one movie. Is there a tutorial I can follow. Cheers

No I find you can not use TMPGEnc DVD Author to compile .vob files. I have 3 .vob files that I wish to add to 2 .vob files and run together as the one continuous movie on one DVD does anyone know how to do this.

You can use Nerovision Express for this.

You can also use DVDShrink to accomplish this.

TDA, NVE, and DVDShrink will create 2 titles when combining each side. It will not be continuous. There will be a pause to go from Title 1 to Title 2. And once in Title 2, you cannot go back to last chapter of Title 1 using Prev button on, unless you add some navigation commands to do that. PgcEdit’s DVDShrink macro should do the trick. With this added trick or not, you still cannot fast rewind from Title 2 to Title 1.

You can use DvdReMake Pro to combine 2 to 1 with a continuous flow, no pauses, no problem rewinding b/c there’s only 1 title. Very easy. If interested, then post in DvdReMake forum. Once done, you can use CloneDVD to compress.

Thanks toaddub I have just read your post and will try this .
I had tried( before reading your post) InfoEdit as mentioned on this site and it worked to combine all the .vob files into one flowing movie but with a wee pause and a problem fastforwarding in the later part of the movie but “InfoEdit” did allow a continuous watchable movie on my HD(also CloneDVD would not compress this new movie for burning to DVD) so I will try your advice now.

I tried dvdremake but their recipe from the manual didnt follow the stated choices in the program menu, so that was useless. I went back to clonedvd and customised the compression file sizes to a sum of ~4500mb then used InfoEdit to join it all together and I burnt a functional DVD. :slight_smile:

I have used DVD2ONE Version 2 to accomplish this task. Worked great for me!
It also has its own compression engine and burning application. I ripped each side to hard disc drive first, then used DVD2ONE Version 2 to seamlessly join the two sides. :slight_smile:

Nero Recode will combine the two sides after they have been ripped with CloneDVD2. It will be one continuous title with no menus but your can still skip sequentially from chapter to chapter forward and backward or direct to chapter number.