2 titles in 1 dvdr media?


Is it possible to burn 2 titles in 1 dvdr media 4,7g?How can this be done?


It depends on the length of the titles and how far you are willing to go with the quality of the image.

DVDShrink (re-author mode) can combine titles.

Tnx for the reply

A couple of xxx movies i got have 2,6 and 3gb each.I want to have them on 1 dvdr media.Its not a matter of quality.Ill try dvd shrink thanks…


With shrink you will want to rip two of the titles to the hard drive and then in reauthor mode select the 3rd from the DVD drive and then the other two from the hard drive. It will of course take quite a bit of space during this process.

There’s a good guide to doing this over at http://dvdshrink.info/guides.php