2 thin lines on a DVD burn - Worry?

I have just inspected a 3.5gb burnt data disc (8x Optima Blue G05 written at 4x)

There and 2 thin lines about 3/4 into the burn, they are both a perfect circular shape.

Anything to be worried about?

Do a scan with Nero CDSpeed - that will tell you the quality of the burn. It is a free download.

It was a XBox burn, so the scan didn’t really get past halfway, a little jumpy but looked fine overall.

The thing is I have done another burn today and it has produced lines on that too! - Is the drive possibly going?

I have no experience with X-Box games, but if it was burnt with a standard DVD burner, I could not see why Nero CDSpeed would not read the disc. Try creating a disc with CDSpeed and then scan it - that will tell you if your media and burner are okay. Might be worth posting in the X-Box forum for some better advice.

What burner are you using?

I’ll be where the burn speed steps up.

NEC 3500s

Nothing to worry about, as Sarah mentions these rings (in general accompanied by slight changes in color) are from the speed changes during burning.

In case you don’t know, many medias are not written at constant speed in all burners, and each speed change during the burn induces a difference in the way the dye is written, thus the color changes.

“It was a XBox burn, so the scan didn’t really get past halfway”

Now THIS is not normal. As a matter of fact, G05 discs do not appreciate 4x burning. You’ll probably get better results by selecting @8x with these. Even so, G05 varies a lot in quality and if your batch is of marginal quality you’ll probably have marginal or even bad burns on your 3500.

I don’t think Optodisc is a very reliable brand, if you really want to stick with Ritek G05 youd’ be safer with Traxdata or Maxell.

Good luck :slight_smile: