2 svcd cd's to dvd

I have 2 bin files download it , that are svcd’s
But now I want to make one file of it, so I can burn it to dvd.

But how can I do this… :confused:


Try following link.


I hope you will find all answers.

Guides–Format Conversion–Svcd to DvdR

Have fun :wink:

I have a guide @ www.garveycocker.com?svcd2dvdmpg

Hmmm ChrissyBoy - this looks good (yet to test though!). Always after an easy way to convert (S)VCDs. Any news on the 1.0 version?!

Yeah v1.0 is there or there abouts. v0.1.3 ( on the site for download) is very stable however and does almost the same as v1.0 other than VCDs (MPEG-1). Check it out.


Yeah, its the VCD function that I’m looking forward to! :bigsmile: Testing a SVCD as soon as .NET installed…

This thing is fantastic! Never been able to get Die Another Day onto DVD and this thing converted it in around 30mins! Really want to try 1.0 now :smiley:


Like it so much, I’ve just sent you some dosh to help with your quest! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Oh, and I have some webspace which I don’t use much if it would help to temporarily host your file as a mirror???

Received & appreciated young Jedi.

Although my first DVD worked fine, I have a couple of questions… Why use 352 res then convert to 480 later? (my source files were 480 to start with i think) and secondly is there any reason to select the ES option over PS? I used PS and it came out fine! Thanks.


well the whole issue with getting svcd on to dvdr is to do with the authoring software. Most dvd palyers will play svcds but no dvd authoring software will entertain mpgs in svcd format without re-encoding them to be 100% DVD complaint (apart from IfoEdit). This takes many hours and you loose quality so no one does it.

A lot of DVD authoring applications will entertain svcd mpgs if they have 48Khz mpeg-audio and a DVD compliant resolution. That is why we patch the mpg sequence headers to 352 or 720 as these are DVD complaint. Along with the resampling we have fooled the authoring software into not re-encoding our movies.

The output of the authoring phase are VOB files. These are based on our original mpgs. We have to revert the headers back now to 480 (horizontal) so that the DVD player doesn’t screw up.

BTW: the resolution of VCDs are already the same as DVD so we can miss this out.

Hope that answers your Q


Oh yes and PS v’s ES…

PS, Program Streams are your bog standard mpeg file
ES are Elementry Streams: 1 video stream & 1 audio stream.

your choice in SVCD1DVDMPG is based on what your authoring application is. Maesto, IfoEdit & SpruceUp use ES. DVD MovieFactory 2 uses PS - for example.

Thanks! That was my next question. I used Movie Factory 2 (going to try Movie Workshop next), but do you recomend any program over another?

And last question (i promise!) - could the xVID format be converted in a similar way (possibly supported in the future?).

I used DVDMF initially but ran into issues with the “mpgs with different bitrate” problem (sse guide on my site). Now I use DVDMaestro - yet to have a single issue.:cool:

I will try out your program in the near future. I have done it manually up until now.

I do have a question though. I recently took a SVCD to DVD copy over to a friend’s place to try on his older Pioneer DVD player. Note this disc did play properly on my Sony. When we started it up, the TV showed a small square picture on the left side of the screen, not the properly stretched picture. I haven’t encountered this before. I was thinking if I did not repatch the headers back to 480 by 480 (just in this case) and just left them at 720*480, do you think it might work?


From my experiance, a SVCD copied to a DVDR with 480c480 resolution will oonly playback on a DVD player that can playback SVCD’s in the first place. If it cant play SVCD’s on a CDR, then it wont play these SVCD on a DVDR disks.

tyee: did you repatch headers using the ‘entire file’ option? If so there is an indemitent bug in this function. v1.1 is out now & addresses this.

ChickenMan: you are quite correct: most players that can’t play svcd on cdr will not play ‘dvd-svcd’. i have had reports, however, that there are a few which accept 480*480 mpeg2 on dvdr medium but not cdr meduim… chances are slim though.