2 suggestions for reviews

  1. Burning media at 2-3 different speeds and showing error values for each.

Why? Hmm well, it’d be interesting to see if the burner has a picky preferred burning speed, such as max speed. Maybe a burner burns with very few errors at say, 52x or 48x write speeds, but has loads of’em at any lower speeds (or vice versa). However, I do understand that this could get tedious…

  1. Checking for errors (eg. C1/C2) with a reference writer or reader.

Why? A writer that made the burn would most likely be able to read the product better than another brands drive. Using the same reader (any picky |CD/DVD|-ROM?) for every review would let you compare ease of read of different writers with same media and speeds.

Any feedback or suggestions? I’m no expert btw so I hope you can forgive me if any serious misunderstandings are reflected in these suggestions. :bow: