2 Sony druv200a DVD RAM Drives, 1 does not read

I have 2 druv200a dvd drives installed in a dell dimension 2400. The first was installed as a slave with the original cd rom as the master. I then purchased the second and replaced the cd- rom with the druv200a. At first it worked fine and would copy dvd’s from one drive to the other. Now the master is only recognized by windows as a cd rom and when dvd shrink is run it will not recognize a dvd in that drive (D:), it says no disc. The original, which is hooked up as the slave (E:) works fine and always has. Any ideas what could be happening?

Sure you have the jumpers set correctly?

I’m pretty sure, yeah. I did it according to the mfg instructions. The first one I installed as the slave, there was no drive existing there at the time. Then the second was installed after, replacing the original stock cd-rom, and set as the master. Sometimes the master works, most of the time it doesn’t.

Put both on CS (cable select) and see what happens!

Well I think I fixed it. So far so good anyway. Setting them on csel (cable select) did not work. What I did was install the slave on the end of the IDE and the master in the middle. The D and E drives were then flipped (which was just an annoyance) but I was able to change the drive letters in device manager. I appreciate your help though, pfloyd1. Thanks.