2 software programs onto one DVD?

I have two software programs I would like to put onto one DVD.

The two programs are gps software. One is street maps (2cd’s) and the second is topo maps (3cd’s).

I’m able to put the two cd’s from the street maps onto one dvd.
First I downloaded Alcohol 120%. Then I made a image (.ISO) of each disk.
I then mounted each image to a virtual drive.

Then I opened the program that came with my dvd writer (RecordNow!) and made a data copy onto a DVD of the files that were in the two virtual drives.

I removed the gps street program from my computer and installed the program from the DVD and it worked great.

If I try and do the same thing with both programs so I have gps street maps on two virtual drives as ISO files and the gps topo maps on three more virtual drives it does not work when I go to burn them to the dvd.

The two programs each have files with the same name, for example they each have a setup.exe file so one over writes the other when I burn the files as a data disk to the dvd.

How can I put the two gps programs onto one dvd?

If I can I would like the dvd to auto run and let me pick what program to start installing.


forget autorun, unless you want to create a menu, and that will require an auto run menu app.

i assume the cds are copy-protected ?

if so, what i would try is create isos of all cds. create a program_1 folder and a program_2 folder, extract files from each cd using isobuster into the appropriate folder_1 or 2. burn both folders to dvd

Two different folders, great idea!

As I was reading your reply it hit me, why did I not think of that before, thanks!

With two different folders I should not have the problem of one program file trying to over write the other because it’s going to be in a different folder.

I would still be interested in having them auto run, just to see if I can do it. I will do some searching on auto run menu app to see if I can learn anything.

Thanks for taking the time to reply,
You have been very helpful.