2 simple questions:

  1. What is “no stacking ring”?
  2. I want 16x TY’s for a good price, so what do you think of this?


No stacking ring basically means you can print all the way to the center hub (no high part for stacking)
Im not in the us so not sure about your price question maybe someone else will help on that…

Here is a link to a better company with better pricing…enjoy :wink:


here is the link to the x16 kind, for comparison.


rima also seems to have cheaper shipping rates most times…

Madmax - thx for that… i did a search here b4 posting that question and only found one hit, that of someone asking that same question but no one answered. It’s totally a noob question but finally it is documented for all noobs to see!
Spry and Nyt -Friggin sweet, thx guys - Rima has a much higher resellerrating than SMS, and a lower price to boot - woot!

I just ordered the 16x TY’s, at 100 for $50. Ground shipping was just under four, tax was about another four. Total was 58 and change - nice!
Now if you’ll excuse me, i’ve got a lot of downloading to do before they get here.