2-sided dvd disc copying



can someone please tell me how to copy a 2-sided dvd?
i use latest version of nero recode and anydvd. can i only import 1 video ts file at a time. basically how does one copy a 2 sided dvd?


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here’s how to do it with DVD Shrink (the one who created Shrink is the lead developer on Recode): http://www.mrbass.org/dvdshrink/flipper/


i see that dvd shrink is free too…thanks! :bow: but do i really need dvd decryptor? how do i get that?


not sure if AnyDVD works with Shrink but i think it does. Shrink works to strip copy-protection on majority of DVDs (more recently released ones are the problem) so you may not need anything else.

if you do find yourself needing a copy-protection bypass other than AnyDVD and/or Shrink on its own, you can find DVD Decrypter at www.google.com …i mean, www.dvddecrypter.com


The best thing (quality wise) to do is to copy the two sides to two blank discs. :slight_smile: