2+ sheep Dual Layer DVD burner

Does a 2+ sheep dual layer DVD burner exist yet?

there are atleast a few out there. My burner is two sheep. (lite-on 832S)

a very useful database i found myself recently here :
Look at “Codifica EFM” …

So far, very few recent/new generations DVD± DL exist with 2 sheep heads (SH), indeed:
-LITEONS (812/832, 1633)
-LG (GSA 4120B, 4160B)

A curious thing is for the last BenqQ(1620A…)/Philips(1640P…) though : according to cdfreaks excellent last reviews, the “sheep test” shows 1SH/2SH respectively (based on the same hardware -already strange -?), but the philips 1640 doesn’t write either 2.9 sd2 (as noted in the review too)… so, no real 2 SH(?)… and the database above seems to be even stricter with those two (no SH/ 1SH respectively). So, only LG/Liteon apparently…

That may also explain by the way the recent craze about LG last drives (among other features)!..

On the other hand, the 2SH writers are no more at the cuting edge today for the more recent safedisc 3.0+… it seems (am i right? -?) …a 4SH is required now for the very last ones… and NO DVD DL writer is able to do it right now it seems, alas…

A total and unique exception seems to be, though, the apparently amazing TOSHIBA SD-R5272 !.. it has natively 4SH, and seems to be even one of the very best!! Alas, old generation DVD± (8x max, etc… and no DL).

Apart that, For 4SH, we have excellent cdrw or cdrw combos only though :

  • LITEON (always… 5237s (certainly the next 5238s too i guess…), 5232K…)
  • OTHERS (?)

I myself tried to search too on that… but it seems the SD-R5272 is the best current 4SH possible on the market (about 50$)…

So, it seems alas, that to be perfectly ‘safe’ today, no current new DVD burners are ‘perfect’… 2SH is the max possible with the two best brands for that (Liteon/LG), but not 4SH… on the other hand, all the others ‘best’ DVD+/- (pioneer, nec, benQ/philips, etc…) are only at 1SH max so (if no zeros)…

conclusion, my personal one so far so, as for me (apparently):
today, to be really “safe” (with the very last and all new SD games releases now… SD3+ so…), a separate dedicated and specialized 4SH burner is required so… anyway. ,((

am i right?

Plextor is most likely to be safe choice too.